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Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum DBA

Outlook Web Access


The Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a Web interface to the Lunenfeld email.  One must have Lunenfeld Network account with email service in order to access it.

The OWA interface has a functionality similar, though a bit limited, to the MS Outlook client software.

Click the following link to be transferred to the OWA .


Lunenfeld Webform Email Service


Lunenfeld Webform Email Service replaces the HTML tag <a href='mailto...'>

Large proportion of spam is sent to email addresses organised into distribution lists.  If an email address is posted somewhere on the Web, it will be collected and traded by spammers and added to their distribution lists.  In order to limit this problem the Lunenfeld has in place Webmail Form Service that replaces the need for posting email addresses.

Click the following link to read more about it and for instructions how to install it on your Site .

Click here to prepare a Webform Email Link