No maximum total upload size   |   Up-to 64 MB per file   |   Split archives are allowed
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- Avoid the limitations of email services Inbox sizes
- Upload multiple files
- Track the download status of your files
- Set download expiry dates
- Limit the numbers of downloads
- Send files securely over SSL channel
- Send files to multiple destinations via individually customised links



If you want to transfer files that individually are larger than 64MB,
call ext. 2869 or email us: Database Administration.

All users having Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum network accounts may use this service. You must be authenticated; the sign-on button is located in the top-right corner of the page.

Use of this service for illegal activities is prohibited. Contents of files placed in the transfer area may get reviewed. Violations will be reported.

If you have difficulties using this utility or have a specific arrangement to discuss, do not hesitate contacting us for help: Database Administration

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► Downloading History - Monitor Your Recipients' Activities
► Inbox Functions (you may receive files from collaborators)