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Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum DBA

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We use m CMS and Plone CMS. Plone is used exclusively on sections of the Lunenfeld official Website (managed by the Communications and Marketing) at

Both CMS use versions of FCK Editor for WYSIWYG editing of page detail sections.

Please use the on-line resources provided here to find answers and solutions to your problems; and if necessary, do not hessitate contacting us.

 Training Sessions

Whenever there is a sufficiently large group of interested users, we arrange training sessions for editors of Web content (such as your lab WebPages, Calendar entries - primarily seminar advertisements, etc.) using our CMS. 
During those sessions we also cover the File Transfer Service and other related subjects that participants indicate as interesting to them. 

These sessions are available to interested network users of the Lunenfeld, the Hospital, and the TCP, as well as to users closely working with either one of these entities

Please complete the form provided on this page to indicate interest — just add you name and email address so we can contact you.  We will notify you when the next session will be scheduled.



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