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Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum DBA

Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Document Templates

Email Signatures Templates (updated January 2017):

Note: Some users have the bad habit of not signing their messages, probably assuming that everyone, at all times, has access to the email address book. Whether you actually use the templates issued to us by the Hospital or not, please consider how inconvenient it may be for your recipients (for lack of milder description for this behaviour) when as a sender you do not identify yourself and do not list alternate methods of contact such as the location of your office and your phone number.

Document Templates (updated March 2016):



MSH-Branding-Guide-201102.pdf - revised February 1, 2011; current original may be found on the Hospital intranet (if one has access to that file location). 

University of Toronto Branding Guide - How to handle U of T logo and colours - a copy made available internally for quick reference; a version from Summer 2010.  For an up-to-date information contact the University of Toronto.


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